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Keynote Lisa Najavits

Prof. Lisa M. Najavits

Keynote Sprecherin

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Massachusetts, USA


PL-04 | Finding Your Best Self: a new trauma/addiction model for self-help, family, peers and professionals

Dienstag | 14.09.2021 | 15:00 - 16:00 Uhr


This presentation will describe Finding Your Best Self, a new recovery model for trauma and/or addiction that has been translated into German (Trauma, Sucht und die Suche nach Sicherheit). Itcan be used as self-help, by family members, peers, as well as by counselors in group or individual format. It offers 36 short chapters, each addressing a specific facet of trauma and/or addiction. Examples include: How do people change?; The world is your school; Listen to your behavior; Wish versus reality; Possible selves; The language of trauma and addiction; Social pain; Why trauma and addiction go together; Forgiving yourself; Body and biology; The culture of silence; How to survive a relapse; The decision to grow; Dark feelings (rage, hatred, revenge, bitterness); Imagination; Create a healing image. Chapters can be done in any order and in as few or many sessions as time allows. It is a flexible model for any client, in any setting. It is an entirely separate model from Seeking Safety, although it is similar in that it strives to increase hope, offers exercises; and provides practical recovery skills. It is different in that it offers new content, shorter chapters, "recovery voices" (personal accounts by diverse people in recovery), and was designed as self-help as well as led by a facilitator.