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Keynote Janna Cousijn

Prof. Janna Cousijn

Keynote Sprecherin

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Niederlande


PL-01 | Cannabis use, dependence and the brain – What do we know?

Montag | 13.09.2021 | 09:00 - 10:00 Uhr


Paralleling increases in cannabis potency and decreases in risk perception, worldwide cannabis policies show a tendency towards decriminalization of medical and recreational use.  Cannabis Use Disorders (CUDs) are among the most prevalent substance use disorders, especially in young adults, and global treatment demands have been increasing. Regular cannabis use is a risk factor for comorbid mental health problems and remission rates among those seeking treatment are low. Yet, the debate about potential harms and benefits is still ongoing and partially fueled by mixed results regarding the impact of long-term cannabis use on the brain and behavior. In the past decade, we conducted multiple functional magnetic resonance imaging and behavioral studies to unravel the reciprocal relationship between cannabis use, CUD and the brain. During this talk, I will summarize our recent scientific advances, identify prominent knowledge gaps and critically discuss the barriers the cannabis research community collectively faces.